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Bridging Trust Gaps with Ethical AI Governance & Synthetic Data Testing for Financial Services and Startups. Turn data into value safely.


in added value for financial services highlights AI’s immense potential for the industry ecosystem

[McKinsey, 2024]


lost annually due to unprincipled misconduct underscores the critical need for better governance



of businesses will use synthetic data for training and testing AI by 2026, reflecting its growing importance



of AI startups will fail due to market adjustments including lack of trustworthy practices

[Sifted, 2024]

Who We Are

RevAIsor® is a pioneering company that enables trustworthy AI solutions for the financial services industry. Our mission is to bridge the trust gap in AI through innovative compliance, ethics, and governance frameworks. Our team, led by experts in synthetic data generation, model-driven engineering, and AI governance, is committed to delivering solutions that ensure reliability and ethical integrity. We collaborate with industry leaders and participate in accelerator programs to drive the adoption of responsible AI. Join us in shaping a future where AI is both powerful and principled.

Our Solution


Mature AI Governance

Strengthen your AI strategy by integrating advanced GRC practices tailored to manage AI-specific risks and maximise your ROI. Matured Governance enhances the existing GRC practices, adapting them to manage AI-specific risks effectively and maximise your customer’s investment in AI.

Risk Management and mitigation
Risk Management
Industry Standards Compliance

Ethical AI Compliance

Seamlessly integrate compliance into your AI development process, ensuring adherence to legal and ethical frameworks aligned with societal values. Embed legal and ethical compliance directly into your AI workflows, ensuring your AI systems align with societal values and regulations.

Regulatory Adherence
ESG readiness
Public Trust

Synthetic Data Testing

Generate customisable synthetic data for secure and efficient AI testing, more efficiently minimising privacy concerns and real-world data limitations like biases and explainability. Continuously monitor AI models with synthetic data for robust performance and compliance.

Ongoing monitoring
Enhanced Model Testing

Illustrative Case Studies


AI Fintech

A fintech startup needed to ensure its Generative AI-driven financial advisor complied with regulatory standards while maintaining high ethical standards. RevAIsor® provided a governance framework that identified and mitigated AI risks. This resulted in a compliant, trustworthy AI product, accelerating the startup’s market entry and attracting more investors. The startup successfully launched its AI product, gaining market trust and reducing regulatory risks, increasing revenue to £5m and 10x valuation within a year.

Ensured regulatory compliance (i.e. EU AI Act)
Increased investor confidence (reduced risks)
Accelerated market entry (lower barriers)

Financial Institution

A major financial institution sought to enhance its AI governance to manage risks and ensure compliance across its AI projects. They struggled with unprincipled misconduct affecting AI operations, which had a high impact on their ESG KPIs. RevAIsor®’s mature governance frameworks are integrated seamlessly into their existing GRC practices, optimizing their AI investments and improving decision-making processes. The institution achieved a 20% reduction in operational losses, enhancing trust and operational efficiency and saving £15m annually.

Optimised AI investments (maximise ROI)
Improved risk management (reduce uncertainty in AI)
Enhanced decision-making processes (AI Audit & Assurance)

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