About RevAIsor

Behind our cutting-edge AI compliance platform, there’s a dynamic team of experts driven by a shared passion for making AI ethical, transparent, and trustworthy.

About RevAIsor®

At RevAIsor® LTD, we are on a mission to shape the landscape of AI risk, governance, compliance, and assurance. Our team is committed to fostering trust and transparency in artificial intelligence systems, ensuring they serve as powerful tools for innovation while upholding ethical standards and regulatory compliance.

Our vision is a future where AI empowers positive change that we can verify and trust. We believe that by harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, we can address the risks and challenges posed by AI biases, ethical concerns, and regulatory complexities.

RevAIsor® was established in 2023 by Dr. Edgar Lopez-Rojas following his departure from managing his previously founded company and his subsequent role as a Chief Visionary Officer and advisor at FinCrime Dynamics. Based in the UK and serving clients globally, RevAIsor® capitalises on Dr. Lopez-Rojas’s deep expertise to pioneer advancements in AI governance and synthetic data testing, promoting trust and innovation on an international scale.

Leadership team

Dr Edgar Lopez-Rojas

CEO / Founder
PhD in Computer Science (BTH, Sweden)
Post-doc (NTNU, Norway)
Executive MBA (Cranfield, UK)
+25 years of combined industrial and academic experience
Founder & Advisor at FinCrime Dynamics
Research Fellow at Warwick University

Valerie Chua

Head of Business Development
MSc London School of Economics (LSE)
25+ years of experience in Marketing and Business Development including Huawei (Germany)
Defence Science & Technology Agency (Singapore)

Deniz Çelikkaya

Head of Product Compliance
Technology Law Specialist
AI Governance Consultant
AI Governance & Technology Law
Advocate for Ethical AI
Advancing Legal Acumen in AI System Auditing


Sudhir Kadam

Silicon Valley, USA

Tech Ventures: 3x C-level
8x Exits
GTM and Growth Acceleration
Visiting Faculty: EMBA Consortium, SJSU, UCB

Engineering team

Combined experience in DevOps, Java, Python and Google Cloud Platform

Cristian Alzate
Mathematical Engineer

Diego Vanegas
Software Engineer

Simon Gomez
Software Engineer

Martin Sanchez
Mathematical Engineer

Julian Valencia
Software Engineer

Felipe Henao
Mathematical Engineer

Our values

Passionate Purpose

Our passion-fueled commitment to fairness and societal well-being guides our actions. Our mission drives our journey, infusing every endeavour with dedication and zeal.

Professional Excellence

We relentlessly pursue the highest standards, propelling innovation beyond boundaries. Transparency and ethical conduct are the cornerstones of our interactions.

Customer Centric

Guided by our commitment to fairness and societal well-being and supporting our customers every step of their AI journey, we ensure that our actions reflect our values and dedication to your success.

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