The RevAIsor Solution

A cutting-edge AI compliance platform for making AI ethical, transparent, and trustworthy.

Our Solution


Mature AI Governance

Strengthen your AI strategy by integrating advanced GRC practices tailored to manage AI-specific risks and maximise your ROI. Matured Governance enhances the existing GRC practices, adapting them to manage AI-specific risks effectively and maximise your customer’s investment in AI.

Risk Management and mitigation
Risk Management
Industry Standards Compliance

Ethical AI Compliance

Seamlessly integrate compliance into your AI development process, ensuring adherence to legal and ethical frameworks aligned with societal values. Embed legal and ethical compliance directly into your AI workflows, ensuring your AI systems align with societal values and regulations.

Regulatory Adherence
ESG readiness
Public Trust

Synthetic Data Testing

Generate customisable synthetic data for secure and efficient AI testing, more efficiently minimising privacy concerns and real-world data limitations like biases and explainability. Continuously monitor AI models with synthetic data for robust performance and compliance.

Ongoing monitoring
Enhanced Model Testing

How does RevAIsor® work?

  1. AI Governance and Compliance:
    • RevAIsor® offers a robust framework for AI governance, ensuring that AI solutions meet all regulatory requirements. This fosters trust from tier 1 banks by assuring compliance and reducing risk.
  2. Risk Management:
    • Our platform helps identify and mitigate potential AI risks early in the development process, making AI solutions more reliable and secure.
  3. Synthetic Data Generation:
    • RevAIsor® uses advanced synthetic data generation techniques, allowing startups to test and validate AI models without compromising real data privacy. This process ensures high-quality, unbiased data for model training.
  4. Ethical AI Practices:
    • We integrate ethical AI practices into the development lifecycle, ensuring that AI systems are transparent, fair, and accountable. This builds trust with banks concerned about ethical implications.
  5. Socio-Technical Approach:
    • By combining technical solutions with social considerations, RevAIsor ensures that AI systems are not only technically sound but also socially responsible.
  6. Collaborative Fintech Ecosystem:
    • Our platform fosters collaboration between startups and banks, enabling them to share insights, data, and best practices in a secure environment.
  7. Third-Party Vendor Management:
    • Efficient management of third-party vendors ensures compliance and risk mitigation throughout the supply chain.
  8. Ongoing Monitoring:
    • Continuous monitoring and assessment of AI systems maintain compliance and performance standards over time.
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