Sudhir Kadam Joins RevAIsor as Strategic Advisor to Shape the Future of Trustworthy AI

RevAIsor, a pioneer in trustworthy AI solutions—a new generation of AI technology to ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability— has appointed seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur, investor, and start-up advisor Sudhir Kadam as its new Strategic Advisor.

Sudhir brings a stellar track record to the table, with eight successful exits across cutting-edge sectors like Telecom (CRM, Location Apps and Fraud Analytics), Video Streaming, Fraud Analytics, IIoT for Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Signatures, and Mobile Advertising. His diverse portfolio of startups, from Generative AI to Robotics, from Digital Signatures to Mobile Payments, and from Enterprise AR to AgriTech, reflects a commitment to furthering innovation across industries.

Sudhir invests his extensive experience to help early and growth-stage tech companies accelerate growth, design go-to-market strategies, build partnerships, operationalise excellence, secure funding, and map out exit plans. He will bring this experience to RevAIsor to put it on the fast track of venture building.

“I am thrilled to join RevAIsor and its dynamic team as we drive innovation, scale businesses, and deliver game-changing, trustworthy AI solutions,” said Sudhir Kadam. “Together, we will shape the landscape of ethical and transparent AI that proactively assesses business and societal impacts.”

RevAIsor CEO Edgar Lopez-Rojas shared the enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Sudhir Kadam to the RevAIsor family. His wealth of experience and strategic insights will undoubtedly enhance our ability to navigate the evolving landscape of AI ethics. Together, we are poised to achieve our vision of a future where AI not only drives innovation but does so with verifiable trustworthiness.”

Sudhir’s appointment comes at an inflexion point as interest in trustworthy AI solutions heats up. His industry connections and experience will be invaluable assets for RevAIsor to solidify its leadership in this critical space. With experienced minds like Sudhir helping steer the way, RevAIsor is surely to become an impactful leader in responsible AI solutions.

About RevAIsor LTD

RevAIsor is a visionary company dedicated to shaping the landscape of trustworthy AI. Founded by Edgar Lopez-Rojas, RevAIsor is committed to fostering trust and transparency in artificial intelligence systems, ensuring they serve as powerful tools for innovation while upholding ethical standards and regulatory compliance. The company’s mission is to harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches to address the risks and challenges posed by AI biases, ethical concerns, and regulatory complexities. RevAIsor’s vision is a future where AI empowers positive change that is verifiable and trustworthy.


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